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Become online lawyer now.

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

It was the era of digitalization and now this Pandemic is enhancing it . Everything , every person , every child is getting digitalise . Schools are working in online mode , The SC is delivering justice online through internet . People are getting their pizzas or burgers online . People are visiting temples online , relatives are attending weddings in online mode. Then , what are you waiting for !!!

But where to start? Which Legal tech will create a foundation on which I can further build and continue the digitalization process? Therefore it is important to think about what to do first, what are my “burning platforms”? What will help me now delivering a better and faster service, deliver quick wins and results, and enable me to prepare for the future, without having to entirely change the way of working? Key here is to find solutions that won’t impose high levels of discipline, because that simply won’t work!

You have Skills ..

We have Platform..

You are lawyer ..

We have clients ..

So we are here for you. is an online lawyer referral website that can help any person to find the best Lawyer in his city. We are providing a platform for our lawyers and clients for direct interaction globally . Whether person is drafting his will buying/selling real estate, getting a divorce or any other legal need, we are providing best lawyers for all your need. Or person is looking for a lawyer or is a lawyer, is a right place to get connect.

Join us today and digitalize your lawyering get online clients or over phone calls .

Benefits of joining us :

• You will get clients online or over phone calls .

• You need not to find clients outside the court.

• You will not need any PA , because we are here to fix your meeting with your client according to your time frame .

• You can interact directly to your client online over our website or on your whatsapp .

• You can get more clients than usual.

• Also our team can do digital paper work if you need .

•Increase efficiency.

• Support your push-back strategy.

• Ensure compliance.

• And many more.....

How to join us :

• Below you will get the form .

• You have to just fill that form and then you will be connected to us as a lawyer .

How we provide clients :

• is an online platform where a lot of people search for the lawyers and legal consultants .

• Whenever we get any client and the client is fit to your specialization or your field , then we will refer him to you without any brokerage.

Disclaimer : We are not a law firm , is just the online platform to make the things easier for the persons as well as for the lawyers.

It is student based start-up. We are a lawyer referral website.

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