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Call for Editors by National Journal for Legal Research and Innovative Ideas[NJLRII].


is an online, open-access journal . We publish valid primary research on law and multidisciplinary issues.  Becoming an Editor is one of the oldest, most prestigious & influential occupations in history. Persistence, passion, and patience are just some of the necessary qualities in developing editing skills. The sky is the limit in terms of where editors and writers can work and what they can write about, especially with the advent of online publications and businesses. An editor’s work involves carefully analyzing and proofing one’s content for the publication house. The editor’s career never stops evolving and changing. To become great, the editor must continue to learn and grow with each evolution.

About Editorship Program - The Editorship Programme is a yearly programme which invites editors from across the world as a peer reviewer. Editors are required to review and edit a journal article in 5-7 days’ time. This is the maximum limit for us. We can start with 3-4 articles a week which may increase or decrease as per the requirements. Responsibility of being an editor : Since the Editorial Positions are the most powerful and influential position in any publication/media industry, it also comes with some huge responsibilities. Primary Work Profile will include:

Reviewing the Language & Style of the Paper.

Formatting the paper as per the Journal’s Standard Style.

Cross-checking all the citations in the paper and edit it as per the Bluebook Citation Style Guide. Complete Citation Style will be shared with the Editors.

Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Make sure the publication process follows ethical practices. 

Eligibility :

Any Graduation , Post Graduation or Phd candidate interested and having good experience of writing articles can apply for the said position.

Applicant must have atleast two publication in his/her name. Details of the publication will be asked for in the Application Form.

Candidates willing to apply for the said post shall apply by sending your cv to infoatnjlrii@gmail com

Or can fill this form by Clicking Here

Last Date for Application – Rolling Basis (You can apply anytime)

Intimation of Acceptance – Within 10 days of Application

Applicant must be fluent in English and should have extensive knowledge of using Microsoft Word.

Perks :

Certificate of Editorship from The NJLRII.

Recognition and Knowledge of Various Subjects.

CV Credentials as you would be a part of our Student Editorial Board.

Credits will be given in the Journal’s Student Editorial Board Page.

Complimentary Publication every month in any of our Journal.

Complimentary MembershipParticipation in any events organized/ hosted/ sponsored by The NJLRII.

      What else are you waiting for?

Click Here to join !!


Please note that the position of Peer Reviewer is a Work from Home Job which is Voluntary and Unpaid. Hence, we do not provide any monetary remuneration for the same. You will be receiving a Certificate of Editorship only if you serve for atleast 12 months or more.

Terms and Conditions :

We are expecting membership on a continuing basis and not for a fixed period of time. Team members once selected will be treated as a permanent member of The NJLRII. Certificates will be provided when a team member resigns from the said position after 12 months or if there is any requirement of the same by the team member.

The power to terminate a member solely rests with the Faculty Editorial Board of The NJLRII  after giving 3 warnings if any discrepancy is found in his/her work or if they fail to comply with the work requirements. If an editor is terminated based on the poor work quality shall not be given any certificate.


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