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Results Out Now !!

Firstly we congratulate to our 337 participants for participating in the Online Article Writing Competition , " Topic : Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi's Thoughts in 21st Century "organised by on the ocaisson of Gandhi Jayanti 2020 . We salute to the spirit you guys have , on such a short notice these numerous entries are overwhelming .

The Articles written by the candidates are evaluated by the experts which are appointed in advance by KCW. Check complete list of the winners Online Article Writing Competition 2020 Result from the table below.

Prizes and Certificates.

Cash prizes for top one winner sent to his Bank Account by end of this week , we will be in touch with them(All Participants) in this regard.

All winners will receive their certificates via email toward the end of this week.

Selected articles by consolation prize winners will be published next week on our website.

We thank all the participants for their efforts. If a participant didn’t win a prize and would like to get a participation certificate, please feel free to write us on


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