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Evidences seem to be , teared down with the encounter of Vikas Dubey.

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

The Prime accused of killing of 8 police personnel has been injured in an encounter when he tried to flee after a police convoy taking him to Kanpur, had overturned. As per the police, Dubey snatched the pistol from one of the 4 injured policemen , the police had to fire back in "self-defence" the Kanpur police said in a statement.

Dubey was shot when he reportedly tried to flee following a road mishap in which the vehicle he was turned upside down.He was taken to the Hallet Hospital in a blood-soaked condition and then doctors declared him as a deceased. About 24 hours before of this encounter he was dramatically arrested by MP Police in Mahakal Temple , Ujjain . Before his arresting he was spotted by temple security guards when he bought prasad and entered the temple. When he was confronted by the guards, he lashed out and was taken to the police. "Main Vikas Dubey hoon, Kanpur wala! (I am Vikas Dubey, the Kanpur guy)," he burst out, held by several Madhya Pradesh policemen.

In this encounter many questions are arising .

• Is this encounter not based upon the rule of law ?

• Why was Dubey's car switched ?

•Why was the media, which had been following the police convoy, stopped 2 km from the site where the accident and encounter took place?

• Why was a dangerous criminal charged in 60 cases including murder not handcuffed?

In the same order Some Politicians and a legal personality jumped into the matter with their opinions.

• Akhilesh Yadav (Samajwadi Party Leader ) said “It isn’t the car that had overturned; the government saved itself from overturning by preventing the secrets coming out,”

• Rahul Gandhi (Congress Party Leader ) said “His silence is better than several answers as it keeps the honour of several questions,”

• Priyanka Vadra Gandhi : wanted to know if those who helped Dubey will even be exposed?

•Former Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati has demanded Supreme Court-monitored probe into the encounter of gangster Vikas Dubey.

•Former Union minister and Loktantrik Janta Dal Leader Sharad Yadav had alleged that the police's claim of killing gangster Vikas Dubey seems to be "fake" .

• Former Supreme Court judge Justice A. K. Patnaik has said that gangster Vikas Dubey, who was killed Friday morning after being critically injured in an alleged shootout with STF officials, was a threat to the rule of law and the police action was justified.

Expert's Opinion : The prime accused was killed in the encounter without following the due process of law.

• He killed along with all the 'data' and 'secrets' etc. It seems like with his encounter the main guilty had been saved .

•Dubey had got numerous rights as an accused including "Right to be heard" and "Right to fair trial" under Art 21 of the constitution of India as the primary and basic fundamental rights.

• While making dubey's arrest due procedure should've been followed as incorporated under chapter V of CrPC inter alia rights of arrested person.

•The whole encounter episode is the sheer travesty of justice and establishment of the fact yet again that this state is leading a path sans law and courts.

•It's high time to the maxim Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus.

Disclaimer : Whole report is based upon the research from various news sources and in this report nothing is intended to hurt anyone's feelings .

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