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Webinar News : KCW

Professor Shakeel Samdani (Dean, Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University) delivered a lecture in a national webinar on " How to crack Judiciary Exam like a Pro !! "

The webinar was held by and National Journal for Legal Research and Innovative Ideas(NJLRII). These both platforms are launched by the students of Faculty of Law, AMU recently. The website is an online platform which provides legal advice to people and give opportunity to advocates.

In this Webinar, Chief Guest was Professor Shakeel Ahmad Samdani, Dean F/o Law, AMU and Keynote Speaker for the event was Mr. Vijandra Kumar Verma, Ex. Public Prosecutor, Founder of Vidhi Judicial Academy, Delhi.

The Webinar focussed about Judiciary as career opportunity and specific way with proper management for preparation to crack the Judiciary Exam.

Prof. Shakeel Samdani gave the core idea to crack any Judiciary Exam. He talked about the importance of classes and academics in preparation of Judiciary. He said that academic classes are so much helpful for any exam aa they clear the concepts and also motivate students to study more. Prof. Samdani said, it is really important to solve the previous years’ question papers. It helps in prioritizing the topics and definitely time management. For general awarenesses he advised students to read newspapers atleast in two languages, one in English and another in Urdu/Hindi. For the Current Affairs, Internet is best to grab the knowledge of same. According to him, timely revision is the key to crack any competitive exam. He also focused on morality. Blessings of elders are very important along with studies, he added. He congratulated the entire team of and NJLRII for successfully conducting the national webinar.

Mr. Vijandra explained the way for preparation and idea about strategy to crack the exam. He said that there is no fixed strategy for clearing the exam, what one requires is patience and determination. He motivated students by saying that your hard would definitely pay off. He advised all the students to make each day schedule to cover the whole syllabus in a limited time. He also told about the 3 stages of Judiciary Exam and at last he talked about the interview. He said that Interview is basically assessment of candidate’s suitability for the position of a judge. Interview Board assess your confidence, ability and commitment towards the position. Interview is a mix of legal and personal questions. One should have clear conception of all the law subjects, your background, home town, academics, work experience, recent legal developments etc.

Rajat Shandilya, Student (BALLB) and associate at , proposed the Vote of thanks and Anupam Gupta, Student (Msc. Physics AMU) moderated the event and introduced the guests.

Aanchal , Tisha , Simar , Priyanshu, Abdullah Samdani and hundreds students attended the event.


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