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Website Launched!!

The organisers group of are pleased to announce that they have led a website launching virtual program through Google meet that was successfully conducted by a group members of KCW including AMU students Abhishek Gupta (Faculty of Law), Anupam Gupta (Department of Physics),The presentation screen was handled by Mr. Ashwani Singh, the Technical head( Team KCW) and Madhvi Gaur (Department of Mass communication). The Chief guest of the meet was Professor Shakeel Ahmad who is currently serving at the position of Dean, Faculty of Law, AMU and Mr. Apurba Kumar Sharma (Member of Bar Council of India) was the special guest for the virtual meet. The Assistant professor Tabassum Chaudhary (Faculty of Law , AMU),

Assistant professor Akhlaq Azam (Murshidabad Centre), Mohd. Aarif Course Coordinator , Asst Professor , Murshidabad Centre, Mohd. Junaid ( Proctor and Asst. Professor at Murshidabad Centre of AMU), Masood Ahmad (Asst. Professor at Murshidabad Centre), Sadaf Ali Khan (Asst. Professor, Faculty of Law , AMU) were the other guests of the program.

The website has been launched with an aim to provide a resourceful platform for all the legal information for students, researchers, experts and general public. Gaur further expressed that the website would fill in as a medium to interface the whole legal fraternity at one place. KCW will likewise give a stage to law students just as for law wannabes , it will give a stage to distribute your articles or law sites on this website with the goal that your substance will be perceived overall .

From finding the best Lawyer in your city for you to give a stage to our lawyers and customers for direct communication. Whether you are drafting your will, purchasing/selling land, getting a separation or some other lawful need, we are giving best legal counselors to every one of your needs.

KCW's store will also provide you with all the necessary needs related to lawyers or law students.

The event began by Mr. Anupam Gupta by lighting up on the accomplishment of the Chief guest Professor Shakeel Samdani and special guests. Mr. Anupam Gupta sparkled up the introduction with a few Urdu Shayari that impressed our guests and the attendees.

What's more, Ms. Madhvi Gaur further did the acquaintance part about the website with the participants of the meet and expressed "" is a first of its sort website which is a one stage answer for all the legal problems and furthermore it has a great deal to offer to young people who are students of Law and experts.

Mr. Ashwani Singh handles all the Technical expertise as the Technical head of the Team KCW.

Professor Shakeel Ahmad Samdani while tending to the people of the meet started by congratulating team KCW for the official launching of their website Professor Shakeel Ahmad Samdani likewise illuminated the meeting over the significance of legal education and its viable need in contemporary society. He likewise talked over the current status of education in the hour of this progressing pandemic and said that this pandemic has expanded a person's contribution with innovation as individuals have no other choice at that point to embrace the online techniques for different assignments of life be it instruction or some other feature of life. Prof Samdani said that it would be very hazardous to open educational organisations at this specific point of time as there is a ceaseless addition in the quantity of instances of the CoronaVirus. He said that the health of students ought to be the primary goal. He urged students to work hard sincerely as there is no substitute to hard work. Prof. Samdani likewise said that society needs quality lawful experts and that must be conceivable through granting quality legal education.

Our special guest Mr. Apurba Kumar Sharam (Member of Bar Council of India) also not left the chance to congratulate and applauded the hard work of the founding team members of KCW and wished the good luck for future. He also mentioned that he would love to visit THE ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY and meet the team of KCW once the Coronavirus situation becomes better.

Further in the discussion Prof. Samdani invited the move of the administration of India if presenting the New Education Policy (NEP) and said that it would acquire a surprising positive change in the current educational framework and would help in delivering better professionals for the society.

He also addressed a few questions by the attendees over legal rights and basic legal knowledge and answered them with excellency. He motivated the students to pursue legal education or any other field of interest with dignity and honesty as we are lacking these two in the current world. Prof. Shakeel Samdani enlightened and viewed every other issue with the tint of motivation and Congratulated the Team KCW for their efforts and launch and wished them for the success with a hope that he may witness this website reaching milestones in the upcoming 5-6 years.

With all of this the event comes to the end and was closed by Mr. Abhishek Gupta by introducing a proper vote of thanks to the Chief guest of the event Prof. Samdani, special guest Apurba Kumar Sharma and the all attendees for their valuable time and kind words.

A very important role has been played by the other students including Abdullah Samdani, Razat Shandilya, Vikalp Sharma, Vaibhav Pachauri, Priyanshu Sharma in the event organisation. Along with them the program had 200 attendees in the meeting.


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